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Circle Fresh Farms organic produceCircle Fresh Farms was born in 2006 out of a vision Buck Adams (also the founder of Veterans to Farmers) had around sustainability, local foods, and greenhouse farms. A couple years later he met John Nicholas from Pueblo, CO who was growing organic tomatoes in a small 12,000 square foot greenhouse near his home. John’s passion for growing was matched by Buck’s passion to introduce these products to the local community and start a company based on these principles. John’s relationship with Whole Foods Market’s Colorado Springs store became the pilot, and over time the word spread about “Farmer John” and Nicholas Farms, and within only a couple growing seasons the store had begun to carry only his organic tomatoes.

The success of this relationship was not only recognized by those who had been fortunate enough to meet John and taste his amazing tomatoes, but also by an organization that understood the importance of bringing more local farmers into its stores and developing those same relationships. And so the question was asked: “Can we do this in other parts of the state, and around other stores?”

It was about this time while pitching the concept, Buck met with Raindrop Partners to bring in the capital needed to expand the concept with additional farms. Raised on farms and ranches in the south, Buck grew up on a family farm that participated in an early version of the network farming model created by Tyson Chicken. Learning from this direct experience, Buck envisioned the establishment of a central production and marketing company that provided marketing and technical assistance for a network of independently owned farms. With the early support of Raindrop Partners, Buck and John were joined by Rich Naha and Zach Frisch in bringing Circle Fresh Farms into existence in 2011 with two additional farms and a total of close to 52,000 square feet of greenhouse operations.

Circle Fresh Organic ProduceFrom this initial start, Circle Fresh Farms has grown to a network of 10 farms at the end of 2012, with a total of over 200,000 square feet of production. Excitement about this approach has spread across the country and Circle Fresh Farms is already considering expansion into locations across the US. Buck has moved on to form a non-profit, CEA, that trains veterans and works with them to become greenhouse farmers. Rich has taken over as CEO of Circle Fresh Farms and John is still our #1 salesman.

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