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Why Become a Network Farmer

Overview of Circle Fresh Farms Services to Network Farm Members

The Circle Fresh Farms strategy is to create a brand identity that can command the highest possible market price for locally grown organic produce by creating a network of participating farms utilizing the best available agricultural practices in a controlled environment setting.

Essential to this strategy are methods for helping smaller scale producers achieve economies of scale and standards of production efficiency and quality that would otherwise be too costly or time consuming if pursued individually.  In this way, farmers are also supported in investing the majority of their time in managing high efficiency/high quality production systems while CFF focuses on managing production coordination, distribution and marketing relationships.  The specific services CFF provides to its farm network members are outlined below.

Production Assistance
  • Weekly to bi-monthly on-site visits with one-on-one technical support
  • Infrastructure assessment, optimization and maintenance monitoring
  • Nutrient system adjustment and monitoring
  • Pest and disease management assistance
  • Harvest-yield monitoring
  • Problem solving support
  • 24 hour problem response support

Product Testing
  • Regular plant tissue lab analysis
  • Nutrient/input resource testing/analysis where needed

Market Development and Management
  • Eliminates local grower marketing expenditures
  • Maintain and expand markets with highest return to grower
  • Actively profile and highlight growers in PR and marketing campaigns
  • Assist growers in identifying unique niche market opportunities

Financial Support
  • Assist growers in gaining access to alternative sources of debt and equity finance
  • Pursue grant funding to support no-cost acquisition of capital equipment and services

Bulk Purchasing Discounts

Reduce grower costs by managing bulk discount purchases including:
  • Nutrients
  • Packaging
  • Seeds
  • Supplies and materials—vine supports, growing media, irrigation supplies
  • IPM
  Research and Development
  • Conduct research trials to develop new product opportunities
  • Conduct research trials to develop lower cost production methods
  • Experiment with new equipment to determine economic and operational viability

Food Safety Compliance Program Development and Support
  • Train and manage the development of a network wide food safety program
  • Provide ongoing oversight and management of food safety monitoring responsibilities
  • Design and implement “track and trace” systems that reduce grower liability risks

Organic Certification Program Coverage
  • Coordinate preparations for and management of organic certification review
  • Manage documentation and compliance protocols
  • Assist organic produce growers in maintaining records necessary to maintain organic certification status

Market and Policy Tracking and Intelligence

Monitor developments in market expectations
  • Food safety expectations
  • Emerging market/product preferences
  • Initiatives by potential competitors
Monitor policy and regulator trends
  • Food safety compliance requirements
  • Land use policy changes
  • Certification standards and procedures

  • Circle Fresh Farms assumes responsibility for maintaining a delivery infrastructure.
  • Growers only pay their prorata share of delivery services actually provided for their farm.

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