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Advantages of Hydroponic Produce from Circle Fresh Farms

What makes our tomatoes special?

Circle Fresh Farms’ growing techniques respect 21st century sensibilities for environmentally sustainable and healthy foods. Circle Fresh Farms embraces an intensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that uses beneficial insects to control pests and stimulate healthy plant growth.

Our organic produce growing systems use very little water—far less than field growing.

We don’t use animal waste fertilizers, so the irrigation water that nourishes Circle Fresh Farms plants cannot be contaminated by animal waste runoff that may carry deadly E. coli and other microorganisms.

Circle Fresh Farms organic produce is pristine and bruise-free because we only touch the vegetables when they are carefully hand picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. Our special packaging and gentle shipping methods protect the organic produce as it makes the short trip to your local market.

The result is a perfect organic tomato, pepper, or cucumber that goes from plant to table in only a few days. The produce looks, feels and tastes fresh because it is fresh—delivered all year from our house to your home!

Circle Fresh Organic ProduceWhen food is shipped long distances, and needs to last a long time, producers need to use preservatives so that it doesn’t spoil. Researchers are starting to discover that putting these preservatives in our bodies has a negative impact on our health.

The other strategy of shipping food long distances is to harvest the food before it is ripe, and let it ripen on the truck. Commercial tomato farmers will actually spray ethylene gas in the containers to make the tomatoes turn red just before delivery. The problem with picking fruits and vegetables early is that most of the nutrition and enzymes are developed as the crop ripens. So, if you pick them before they are ripe, and let them ripen in a truck or shipping container, they are much less nutritious than products that were allowed to ripen before harvest.

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