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IPM is an environmentally friendly approach to managing pests. Instead of applying harmful pesticides to our produce, we combat unwelcome pests through the use of other insect populations that have proven effective in controlling them- lacewings and lady-bugs, for example.

Our emphasis is on controlling, not necessarily eliminating pests. We believe in prevention of problems and carefully monitoring plants, keeping track of what pests we do have present, and what other species have been introduced to control them.

Other effective practices include hand-picking of affected areas, erecting insect barriers and using traps.

Natural biological processes and materials provide control at a reasonable cost and with minimal environmental impact.

Core Principles
  • Acceptable pest levels: The emphasis is on control, not eradication of pests
  • Preventive cultural practices: Taking preventive measures to protect plants from pests
  • Monitoring: Keeping track of what pests are an issues and what other species have been introduced to control the pest issue
  • Mechanical controls: Hand-picking, erecting insect barriers, using traps, vacuuming, and tillage to disrupt breeding of pests
  • Biological controls: Natural biological processes and materials can provide control, with minimal environmental impact, and often at low cost

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