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Circle Fresh Organic ProduceLiving Lettuce

We sell our organic lettuce while it’s still alive – ensuring that you get the freshest, most nutritious product possible. Our patented organic Living Lettuce Displays feature a recirculating water system that allows the lettuce to continue growing right in the store.  It’s the next best thing to picking it from the garden!

Living Lettuce can be kept in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

The Benefits of choosing Living Lettuce include:
  • Fresh Taste and Crunch
  • Long Lasting in your Refrigerator or on your Counter Top
  • Greater Nutritional Value

Green Bibb Lettuce

Green Bibb lettuce has a sweet smell, indicating a sweet taste. It also has a large, loose head with thick leaves and even green coloring.
  • Taste: Mild, sweet flavor
  • Fruit: Soft leaves
  • Uses: Salad green or wrap

Red Bibb Lettuce
  • Taste: Sweet, mild flavor
  • Fruit: Soft leaves
  • Uses: Gourmet salad or sandwich

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